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On, May 22nd, 2010, members of the New England Garrison descended upon the Higgins Armory Museum for their second Star Wars Day. Last year, the Garrison trooped a similar event, with enthusiastic results.

Founded in 1961 when collector John Higgin’s collection went public, the museum now houses thousands of historical pieces, from armor to weapons, stained glass and paintings from all over the world, including armor from the Middle East, Feudal Japan, Renaissance Europe, as well as Ancient Greece and Rome. The museum aims to educate the public on the role and history behind the use of armor and weapons from around the world.

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The 501st, with their history of armor and costuming represented a perfect fit for the two organizations. During the troop over the weekend, they were joined by Alderaan Base, the sister Rebel Legion group, and presented panels on armor creation and dressing a trooper, as well as lightsaber demonstrations, to over 760 attendees. In-between presentations, members of the Garrison, mingled with museum patrons, posting for pictures and greeting eager Star Wars fans, inside and out. The garrison as a whole had a fantastic time, as did the hundreds of people who stopped by!

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