Red Cross Blood Drive

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On Saturday, May 8th, at 10 am, five members of the New England Garrison travelled to Dedham, MA to the regional headquarters for the American Red Cross for a blood drive. This small troop required only a couple of troopers, and the event was staffed by2 scouts, a TIE pilot, a Storm Trooper and a Jedi representing the local Rebel Legion chapter, Alderaan Base.

Here, they interacted with donors giving blood for the critical shortage in the country, providing entertainment and encouragement as they walked between the beds, while also entering the building’s telemarketing center and providing encouragement for the volunteers manning the phone banks. The weather was rainy, one of the volunteers noted, and when that happens, there tends to make for a busier blood drive. Throughout, the members of the garrison posed for pictures and answered questions as people came and left.


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Also on Saturday, the New England Garrison returned to LazerGate in Fall River, MA for the third time, joining forces with the Rebel Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs to raise money for the Jimmy Fund.

Like prior events with LazerGate, the NEG gave this troop a theme, a rescue mission, utilizing characters from the Original Trilogy.

Troopers included Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Pilots and Scouts, and were joined by Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia and Mon Mothma, as well as a trio of intrepid (and potentially, aging) Clone Troopers from Alderaan Base.  A group of Mandalorian bounty hunters including Boba Fett added another dimension to the story.

Players were instructed to rescue any given main character, coming up against the hardened forces of New England’s 501st chapter.

The games ran for three hours, with 8 rounds in all, each with a large number of excited patrons, who eagerly came in, looking to reinact scenes from the Star Wars films by shooting at the bad guys, all while contributing to a charitable cause. The troop was a long, but ultimately, very rewarding one that saw numerous patrons come up against the New England garrison, bringing smiles and entertainment for all and raising $966.66 for The Jimmy Fund!

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