Please come and join the 501st Legion, New England Garrison as we host our “Trooping for the Trooper”blood drive, in honor of blood recipient Mike Josti. Stop by to donate blood and you can get your picture taken with a member of the local Star Wars costuming group, the New England Garrison!  For more information about this event, call the donation center at 1-800-RED-CROSS or go online and visit


 NEG member Bob Josti (TK 1839) has a brother (Mike Josti) who, while playing outside with his family, suddenly fell extremely ill and was rushed to the hospital. As doctors worked to find out what was going on they noticed that Mike was loosing blood, a lot of it, somewhere inside of his body. The doctors believe that he suffered a spleenic aneurysm and over the course of the emergency surgery that was required to save his life Mike had to be given 40 units of blood.  Mike Josti is a married father of two and serves his community as both a Massachusetts State Trooper (the source of the “Trooper” in the theme) as well as a volunteer Fire Fighter in his town.  Bob, along with his wife Paige (TX 8606) and the support of fellow NEG members, have organized a blood drive/community event to be held on June 19th, 2010 in Shrewsbury, MA.  Please come out in support of this very worthy cause!




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