On June 2nd, 2010, members of the 501st New England Garrison and Alderaan Base of the Rebel Legion participated in a Make-A-Wish send-off for Ayden Beisaw, a seven year old from Wilton, ME who received a Make a Wish party like no other.  Ayden’s wish included a trip to Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World. 

Ayden was not expecting the Stormtroopers and Biker Scouts, led by a TIE pilot to burst into the room, searching for the Rebel scum that had infiltrated the party.  After cornering Han Solo, the troops were “convinced” by the presence of Chewbacca to delay capturing the Rebels, and form a truce during Ayden’s special day.  This was a case where it was best to let the wookiee win!  After presenting Ayden with his Honorary Member certificate and bi-legional jersey the Rebels escaped and the Imperials took off in hot pursuit. 

Thanks to Make-A-Wish, the New England Garrison, and Alderaan Base for making Ayden’s day such a fantastic event!

We’d like to thank Portland Maine’s CBS affiliate, WGME 13 for their great story and video on the day’s event:


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