On Friday, October 8, 2010, four members of the New England Garrison, joined by a pair of members from the Mandalorian Mercs ventured to Westbrook, Maine to help commemorate the opening of a the City of Westbrook’s Community Center. Flanked by a Stormtrooper and a Biker Scout, Lord Vader made his presence known to all by touring the facility and even taking pictures while the Mandalorian Mercenaries searched the crowd for bounties. A Jedi Knight from New England’s Alderaan Base was also on hand to supervise younglings starting down the Jedi path. Future Sith apprentices and Jedi padawans competed in a variety of activities, including lightsaber building, Star Wars trivia and a costume contest judged by Lord Vader himself. The night wrapped up with a mission briefing and sustenance, taking the form of a movie with blue milk and wookie cookies. All in all, the invasion by the dark side was not taken lightly, and the inhabitants of Westbrook were pacified, and any potential rebellion quelled.

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