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On Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd, the NEG supported two Walk Now for Autism events in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, respectively.
Walk Now for Autism is a charity walk put together by the group Autism Speaks in February of 2005. The organization is dedicated towards funding research and examining the causes, prevention and treatment of Autism, while increasing awareness of the disorder.
The Rhode Island Walk is one that the NEG has supported before, and small squad of four troopers enjoyed this short troop, attending along with a team run by a friend of one of the members.
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The New Hampshire event, located in a new location in Manchester, saw several members of Alderaan Base and the New England Garrison show up, where they entertained attendees.
The September 26th event took place in East Boston, where a larger group of troopers were able to participate in a lap around the field with walkers and pose for pictures with teams and their supporters.

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