On the weekend of October 15th, the New England Garrison maintained a major presense at the Prudencial Center in downtown Boston for Wizard World New England, one of the major conventions to hit the city this year. With an incredible amount of support from the organizers, the NEG organized two sites: a newly refurbished Jabba the Hutt reentered the public eye, and a shooting gallery that allowed the public to take potshots as willing (and sometimes reluctant) members.

After setup and a short troop on Friday, the Garrison launched into its glory on Saturday, with a number of added complications throughout the day. As the convention geared up, a major rally by President Obama in the same center increased security across the convention center. After a pass by the Secret Service and several holdups due to security, the NEG was able to bestow actor James Marsters (Buffy, Caprica, The Clone Wars) with an honorary membership to the 501st.

Across the convention hall, the NEG was able to raise over $800 dollars for Autism Speaks at the shooting gallery, while troopers from three different garrisons (New England, Florida and Carida) were able to join in the fun.

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