One of the quickest troops that the NEG has done in recent memory, a recent troop for the Waltham Police Department kid’s holiday party was a lot of fun!
Representing the garrison was the iconic Darth Vader, two storm troopers, a Royal Guard, two X-wing pilots and Princess Leia. We got armored and queued up in the front hall. When the Imperial March started, we entered the main area.

According to NEG XO Brian Anderson: “When we first arrived, I was terrified. The sound of yelling kids echoed through the halls. But when the Imperial March started and we walked in, the room went silent…They were just in awe of us.”

The Garrison was only on the floor for 20 minutes at most, before departing. As an added bonus, they gave us a bag of toys to give to toys for tots, which will be dropped off at a local donation point.

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