Members of the NEG and Alderaan Base (AB) were on hand to assist the Heinlein Society in recruiting donors for the American Red Cross drive at Anime Boston 2011 at the Hynes Convention Center. The drive is in its second year at Anime Boston, and the troopers charge was to roam the convention halls to bring attention to the drive and sign up con-goers to donate on the spot through cell phone calls and text messaging to our Heinlein Society coordinator. Our troopers were suited at 10:00 AM and by noon all of the donation slots were full! Though the goal set by the American Red Cross was for 75 donors per day, the final count for the weekend came in at around 200 donors, with 151 units of blood collected. At completion of the mission the NEG and AB were interviewed by Anime Boston TV about the work of our organizations; you will find it on the ABTV YouTube site when it is available at

The NEG and Alderaan Base had a wonderful time at its first official troop with the Heinlein Society and Anime Boston, and looks forward to helping out at future blood drives.

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