On July 16th 2011, the New England Garrison (NEG) were guests of T.C. Restani, an internet-TV host who gives improvisational interviews as a “Late night talk show” parody . The NEG was inducted to T.C. Restani’s Hall of Fame, and were recognized for their contributions to charity and love of Star Wars. The NEG is quite honored to join in the good humour of the evening, and share a little about the 501st. Since the show is extemporaneous, we never know what will happen when we come on set. Like the prior appearances, we had a fun, memorable evening with T.C. Restani, and his cast and crew. A special thank you to all members who assisted in representing the NEG: Erich Shaeffer, Jake Kingsbury, Krista Carmichael, Sean Carmichael and Steve Cornell. T.C. Restani and NEG appearances may be found at the website:


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