On June 30th, members of the New England Garrison attended a troop in Essex Vermont’s Brownell Library to support their Star Wars Club. The event, the product of a partnership between the Garrison and the Library to help provide alternate funding for the library’s programming helped to raise $290. Troopers attended a talk about the 501st to a packed library, and posed for pictures. Children’s workbooks were provided, and 501st Members donated items to the raffle. Armed with a photographic backdrop, Darth Vader, flanked with two storm troopers, was the hit of the day, with other members attending as a Clone Trooper and TIE Pilot. A member of the NEG’s sister group, Alderaan Base, attended as a Rebel Pilot. The entire group was joined by an NEG recruit’s puppet of General Grievous. Greeted with almost a hundred fans armed with cameras, the NEG posed for pictures, signed autographs and helped to keep the Star Wars club going for another 6 months!

Pictures from the event can be found in our photo gallery here: http://www.501neg.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=1395

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