Saturday, August 4th members of the 501st New England Garrision and Rebel Legion’s Alderaan Base invaded Liquid Planet Water Park for the fourth year in a row. Scout Troopers tried desperately to keep jawas out of the pool, but to no avail. Imperial Gunners dueled with Rebel Pilots on the zip lines over the park. General Grevious beat the heat by taking a dip in Liquid Planet’s crater lake. Jedi knights enjoyed some liquid refreshment on a very warm summer’s day. To cap it off, Lord Vader made his first visit to Liquid Planet, flanked by Stormtroopers and greeted by hundreds of fans. The Empire and the Alliance were able to agree on something this day; a water park is the best place to be to keep cool in August.

Pictures from this event can be seen in out Photo Gallery here:

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