On June 30, 2013, members of the New England and Central garrison added festive flair to a mini golf benefit in Lunenburg, MA. This benefit was one of a series, organized by local members the DIS Unplugged; a weekly podcast that focuses on issues surrounding Disney and other Orlando area parks. Nationwide these fundraisers support, “Give Kids the World Village,” a nonprofit resort in Kissimmee, Florida where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free vacations.

The Emperor, Count Dooku, Clone Trooper and Imperial Gunner surprised the attendees by their arrival at the minigolf course. The Stormtrooper and Tusken raider had a little extra fun by adding Disney items to their costume such as TK helmet Goofy ears, a whimsical Gaffi stick and Mickey Safari hat on the Tusken Raider. It was an extremely convivial event for all ages. Congrats to the NEG and Central garrisons for this first time, very successful mission at the New England DIS Meet for Give Kids the World!

To see more pictures from this event, check out the link to this photo gallery:

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