Relay for Life

On August 17, 2013, members of the New England Garrison (NEG) appeared at the Amesbury, Massachusetts Relay for Life, a benefit program for the American Cancer Society. Darth Vader, accompanied by a Stormtrooper, TIE pilot, Shadow Scout and Pre Visla, enjoyed walking with participants around the relay track while Star Wars music played throughout the stadium. Tom Hanshaw, an officer for crime prevention and community relations at the Amesbury Police Dept, provided a fun and festive Star Wars photo booth. During the troop, the NEG took a moment at the Memorium tent to remember our Eternal Legionnaires as well as our current members, friends and family affected by cancer. The Sith Lord and troopers joined forces with a lively Steel Drum Band at the end of the appearance. It was a great troop with hope, merriment and supportive community.

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