On December 27th, 2014, members of the 501st New England Garrison, along with the Rebel Legion Alderaan Base and the Mando Mercs Firaxan Clan were invited to join our new Andorian friends Ell and Vynni – The Farthest Star and other Star Trek costumers for annual the Galaxy Blood Drive.  Organized by author Ryder Windham and the The Rhode Island Blood Center, the event was held at the Providence Public Library.

Not only was this a “Wars vs Trek” event, it also had a touch of West vs East, as there was a competing blod drive being held on the same day the Cloud City Garrison and Kashyyyk Base – Oregon/SW Washington.  In Providence, Star Wars won, 14 to 7 pints.  The RI Blood center said these 21 pints were more than they normally average during Christmas week. (No word yet on how we did in comparison to the west coast.)


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