Saturday, May 3rd was the annual Free Comic Book Day, which is a nationwide event geared towards getting more people out to their local comic book stores. Lots of different comics, some of which are special prints made just for this occasion, were given out free of charge to anyone that stopped by. Our troopers participated in many events all over New England. We attended FCBD events at Casablanca Comics in Portland, ME – Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH – Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH – Earth Prime Comics in Burlington, VT – Rubber Chicken Comics in Bellingham,…
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On Saturday, October 26th two members of the 501st New England Garrison make an appearance at The Comic Stop in Watertown, MA for their halloween themed event. Thanks to the help of a Biker Scout and Stormtrooper the streets of Watertown were safe from the Rebellion! Comic book fans and shoppers were able to meet the troopers along with other characters from Star Trek and different comic franchises like Spiderman.

  On Saturday, May 4th, members of the New England Garrison took part in the annual ‘Free Comic Book Day’ events taking place all over New England. From ‘Rubber Chicken Comics’ in Bellingham, MA to ‘Double Midnight Comics’ in Manchester, NH the NEG had troopers posing for pictures and greeting fans. Above is a photo of Darth Vader, two Stormtroopers, a Biker Scout and Jawa at ‘Rubber Chicken Comics’. To see more photos from all of the locations the NEG attended for ‘Free Comic Book Day’, check out our photo gallery here.¬†