On Saturday, April 11th, 2015, The 501st’s New England Garrison and The Mando Merc’s Wampa Clan was invited to Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine.  This was for Crossroad Games 2nd Annual Table Top Games Marathon.  Gamer’s came to the store to play their favorite games for 24 hours, and to raise money for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine.  Last year, the even raised $1400.  This year, they raised over $5000! The event was not only a success in the amount of money raised for this good cause, it was also a hit with gamers!  In fact, at…
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On Saturday, August 16th members of the 501st Legion – New England Garrison and Wampa Clan of the Mandalorian Mercs paid a visit to Hadlock Field, home of the Portland Sea Dogs! There were two Stormtroopers, three bounty hunters, and an R2-D2 patrolling the concourse before and during the game to greet fans and pose for pictures. The game started off with the ceremonial 1st pitch by one of the Empire’s best pitcher/Stormtroopers, and it was a perfect strike too! Now only if they could aim their blasters with such precision.

On Thursday, July 17th members of the Rebel Legion – Alderaan Base, 501st Legion – New England Garrison, and Wampa Clan of the Mandalorian Mercs joined forces to visit a summer camp hosting one of their regular “Galaxy Day” activities. This band of pilots, troopers, and bounty hunters helped kids ranging from 3-12 years old with their projects and were even treated to a special viewing of their version of Star Wars! To learn more about Camp Ketcha please visit their website. http://campketcha.org/

On Thursday, July 10th members of the 501st Legion – New England Garrison visited a group of Cub Scouts at Camp Hinds for a space and science activity day they had planned. Darth Vader and a loyal Stormtrooper inspected the barracks of these young scouts as they prepared to have a fun day learning about stars in a galaxy far… far away! To learn more about scouting and find a local pack or troop near you please visit their website. http://www.scouting.org/

  On Saturday, April 5th members of the 501st New England Garrison and the Rebel Legion Alderaan Base trooped alongside some bounty hunters from the Mandalorian Mercs Wampa Clan to support International Tabletop Game Day at Crossroad Games! This was a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money for Child’s Play, a charity that provides toys and games to children’s hospitals. Everyone that stopped by had an opportunity to meet the troopers and get their pictures taken with them.