General Information

This section contains terms used throughout the wiki.

Garrison/Base History

This new section will tell the legendary tales of the NEG and Alderaan base: How we formed, past troops and projects, and funny stories that would otherwise be lost to time.


Here is what this hobby is all about and where it starts, by making a costume. From official reference guides to character bios to tips and resources, this should be your first stop on your journey. Oh and for all of our Recruits out there, this is DEFINITELY the place for you!

Costume References

Before you begin working on your costume it is always important to make sure you follow the standards for that character. Here are some listings of the official Legion “Costume Reference Libraries” (ie: the CRL) and Legion Detachments that are specific to certain character groups.

Character Types

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the types of characters recognized by the 501st and Rebel Legion.

Supplies & Techniques

Now that you know what kind of costume you want to make and have the resources to help you be sure to check out the links here. There are all kinds of helpful tips and information on the “how to” - “where to” questions that can arise while building your costume.

Applying for Membership

Once you have finished building your costume follow the instructions in these links to apply for membership. These guidelines will also apply for an existing member that is adding a new costume to their roster file.

Member Resources

This section will provide you with information about the day-to-day operations of the group.

Event Coordination

Here is where you can find information about how to initiate, plan, and coordinate an event.

Examples of events that we attend

Attending an Event

Here is where you can find information about participating in an event.


Here is where you can find information about raising money for charity at an event.

Administrative Resources

This section of the wiki covers NEG administrative responsibilities.

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