Applying for membership in the 501st Legion

Here is the procedure for all Recruits to follow once you are ready to submit an application for membership. This is also the same procedure used for existing members when submitting additional costumes for approval. If at any point during this process you have any questions please feel free to contact the Academy Dean, GML or a Command Staff member.

Step #1 - Put on your costume

  • You must be wearing the entire, completed costume in order for the pictures to be considered acceptable.
  • Your application cannot be judged based on parts that are not present in the pictures, no matter what the reason for their absence may be.

Step #2 - Take your pictures

There is a minimum of 7 pictures that will be required when submitting a costume for approval. See the pictures below for an example of what your pictures should portray. Pictures taken by yourself while standing in front of a mirror will not be accepted. They must be taken from a 3rd person point-of-view. Please ask a friend or family member to take the pictures for you.

  • Full body shot of the front.

  • Full body shot of the right side.

  • Full body shot of the back.

  • Full body shot of the left side.

  • An “action pose” to use for your roster photo.
  • A “bucket off” photo to use for your roster page.

  • A close up of your head from the shoulders up (to be used for your roster thumbnail). If your costume has a helmet, keep it on for this picture.
  • Additional pictures of specific areas of your costume may be required. If you have any small details on your costume (ie: greeblies, logos, pockets or patches, etc) it would be helpful to include pictures of those in your e-mail as well.

Step #3 - Contact the GML

Once you have taken your pictures send them to the GML using the following instructions.

  • Send the e-mail to the GML at
  • In the “Subject Line” type in: Cadet application for 501st membership.
  • Attach the pictures to your e-mail.
  • In the message body please provide your real name, your forum username, and a description of the costume that you have submitted.

GML Review Process

Once the GML receives your application it will be reviewed and compared to the CRL (Costume Reference Library) for that character. This process can take some time so please be patient. Once a review has been completed you will hear back from the GML, who will inform you of the following:

Your application has been approved

  • At this point you can register for your official TKID number by filling out this online form.
  • Make sure that the number you want has not already been selected BEFORE you enter your five options.
  • If all five of your choices have already been assigned to someone else you will be assigned a number at random. You will not get another chance to pick your own TKID, so make it count.

Your application has not been approved

  • At this point the GML will inform you of the reason why your costume does not meet the standards listed in the CRL.
  • Once you make the necessary corrections to your costume you can send new pictures highlighting these updates back to the GML for a second review. After you hear back from the GML that your costume has been approved you can proceed with the instructions listed above to apply for your TKID number.

Helpful Tips

  • Take your photos in a well lit area, preferably using natural light outside.
  • Use a regular camera to take your photos, not a cell phone camera.
  • The higher the resolution of your photos the easier it is for the GML to review them. Using a low resolution setting will make it difficult to see the fine details of certain costumes.
  • Another hint/tip to expedite your approval would be to take the CRL for your costume and for each line in the CRL, put a picture of your item. Often times the process involves taking a look at the CRL and inspecting the costume from the pictures you supply. The easier you make it, the faster your approval will be. Now this isn't required, but it will save time on iterations.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to send a close up of a specific item listed on the CRL, because either the resolution of the picture is too low or the picture quality is not good. (For example, a black suede patch on a black coverall.)
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