Zam's armor consists of the following components;

  • Two-part chest plate with clawdite inscription
  • Three part hose connection
  • Layered leather ab plate
  • Small half moon greeblie
  • Rocker with two hanging “ovary bits”

You will also need two section of hose for the respirator section of the costume. The two hoses will connect the armor to the leather vest as seen here;

(photo by DCB of TDH)

The actual hose was beleived to be taken from a medical supply store so you may be able to find something close. I would suggest that anything that is one inch in diameter should work fine. The hardest part is finding a hose with the proper spacing between the ribbing.

The ab plate is made from a section of 4oz cowhide covered with a thinner piece of accent leather glued on the top.

All other parts are hard to come by unless you sculpt and make them yourself. If you're interested in doing this you can see the other section that talks about the process involved.

Once you get the parts needed for this armor section of the costume assembly is done with a variety of connections. The center hose assembly is attached to the upper chest armor and the lower ab plate by wires (i used coat hanger pieces) and additional leather pieces glued down with leather weld glue which can be found at most leather shops.

Ab Plate:

Connection examples for the armor construction

The two part chestplate consists of an under side covered with pigskin leather and the actual plate that sits on top.

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