Zam's boots are from Prada.

If your looking for exact copies you will be hard pressed to find them. There are some boots out there by prada which you can find on ebay if your patient. I would suggest that you buy men's boots as the prada female shoe line is known for being extremely tight and thin on the width, not very comfortable for trooping.

I was able to find these boots for $65

They are mens size 8 and fit my wife nicely..she wears a size 9 womans normally. The most important aspect of the boot is the crosshatch sidewall of the sole as well as the molding that is seen between the sole and the boot.

The boots also have a leather covering you will have to make out of pigskin leather (1.5-2 ounce) that covers the whole lacing section and extends down the toe of the boot. That will have to be sprayed a purple to match the rest of your costume. It also has a second strip that is a darker purple going down the middle of the initial strip that is sewed on.

As far as the other parts to her boots, the metal looking areas, you can find some great assistance at There are some folks there that have made some of this stuff and have it available. When you get the parts, you will need to purchase some Rub and Buff compound in silver leaf to get the nice metal look. I also found that the spanish copper Rub and Buff, when mixed with a bit of pewter color Rub and Buff, works real nice for creating the “rusty weathered” look.

Where as the actual boots used were black and sprayed brown, I would suggest doing the same. You can purchase some Nu-Life Melatonin spray from various online dealers in the color of your choosing. We used tan and dark brown and mix the two. A weathering trick for the boots that I used is the process of using rubber cement. Place some rubber cement on the area that you don't want sprayed. Spray your boots with the Nu-Life Melatonin and then rubb off the rubber cement when they are dry. The result is a nice layered weathering look.

These are my boots after spraying them and using the Rub and Buff on the “metal” pieces;

Once you have the color and weathering to where you like it you need to cover the laces. The lace covering consist of two pieces of pigskin. One that is purple and one that closly matches the boot color but with a slight purple hue.

this is the two pieces

You then stitch the small piece to the center of the bigger piece and glue to your boot like this

The only other components to the boot are the ankle and toe guard. The toe guard has a tooth/claw greeblie on the side. We used velcro to hold the toe guard in place and the ankle guard is connected to the shin guard. The shin guard is also covered with pigskin. The top edge has an additional piece of pigskin glued around the edge to get the finished look at the top. Leather paints are the best thing to use to paint most of the leather on Zam as that is what was used for the real costume, Be sure to cover all your painted leather with some weather proofing made for the paint. You can find leather paint at

Here are a few more shots of the boots we did;

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