Clone Trooper Blaster Tutorial (Hasbro Conversion)

Supplies needed

1. Hasbro foam dart cone trooper blaster
2. Sheet Metal strips: (2) 3/4” X 9”
3. 9” piece of 1 1/4” PVC pipe
4. (2) wiper blades
5. PVC endcap (1 1/4 inch to 1/2”)
6. a small section of 1/2” pvc pipe
7. electrical tape

Conversion Process

The first step in the conversion is to remove the stock from the Hasbro blaster. This is done by removing the screws from the side of the blaster and releasing the stock from the mounts inside. Be careful not to disrupt to much of the innards of the mechanisms as you can still have a somewhat working blaster after the conversion. Take care in watching all parts as you open the blaster to ensure you know how to put it back together after removing the stock. Be sure to replace the mount from the trigger side of the stock after removing that from the stock.

You next need to remove the sites that came with the blaster. Use a dremel and cut them off as close to the barrel as possible, you will reuse these.

Cut a piece of 1 1/4” pvc thin wall sink drain pipe to 9”. You will then need to build up the old barrel with electrical tape until the pvc pipe will fit snug over the tape. secure the barrel with a hot glue joint as shown.

The next thing is to put the endcap, mock barrel and sights onto the end of the new barrel. Simply glue the endcap on, glue in the small piece of 1/2” pvc pipe (round over the edges to make it look more like a machined barrel end) and drill 3/16th” holes to accomodate the old sights, secure the sights with hot glue.

After completing the steps above you will need to work on adding length to your stock. Cut your hasbro stock as shown in this picture;

Take the sheet metal strips and fold them in half to make two strips that are two ply and about 3/8” wide. You will use these as the new stock pieces to replace what you cut out. When assembling this be sure to have the folded edge facing down. with rivets, secure the pieces to the original stock sections. Be sure to pre-drill everything and mark them so they are symentrical and straight. Once you get the stock re-assembled, you can re-attach it to the new barrel. You will have to drill new holes through the connection points of the stock. The front can be secured with a sheet rock screw. Use the old screw to re secure to trigger side of the stock. The new assembled piece should now look like this;

Be sure to remove any stamped lettering on the blaster.

The last step is to apply windshield washer pieces along the barrel. Cut the wiper blades into 9” pieces, you should be able to get six total out of a standard 28” blade. You will want to trim off the actual blade area and get each piece to look flat. Use epoxy, super glue or any other strong adhesive to secure them to the barrel. I actually painted the blaster with one coat of paint first so there would be no white showing near the edge of the blades.

After attaching the blades, paint and weather the blaster. I used rustolium flat black and then used testors silver paint with a dry brush technique to get the finished weathered look.

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