The Clone Wars

2008 saw the introduction of another chapter in the Star Wars story: The Clone Wars (TCW). This 3D digitally animated series fills in some of the gaps in the timeline between Attack of the Clones (AotC) and Revenge of the Sith (RotS).

Originally the 501st only approved “realistic” style interpretations of the characters from TCW. Once a fully animated suit was created, the Legion voted to accept both realistic and stylized animated versions. The first animated clone trooper in the 501st was the NEG's own CC-7602, Captain Rex.

The NEG has one of the largest concentrations on animated style clones in the legion. Check out these pages for details on members' builds!

If you are interested in Clone Wars costuming, it's well worth checking out Animated Army, a costuming board dedicated to The Clone Wars.

Dramatic Personae has the best collection of Clone Wars reference images out there. Screen caps from every episode!! Stormtrooperguy also has a large library of reference images online.

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