Darth Nihilus

“He is a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in his wake life dies… sacrificing itself to his hunger.”

Darth Nihilus was featured in the Lucasarts game “Knights of the Old Republic 2”. Wookieepedia has an excellent section on the character.

All Sith Lords are looked at closely by the LMO, but EU are treated even more carefully. As such, if you want to do this costume, you need to study your references and take it seriously.

The Flagship Eclipse Detachment has a wealth of reference material available on Nihilus

These 2 photos are of SL-7602, and approved Nihilus from the NEG. After the photos, we'll list some of the details to be aware of.

Things to note in the costume:

  • The mask should be 3 dimensional, not just a flat sheet of plastic.
  • The shape of the head is important. There are 2 bumps that should be visible. Note that Nihilus does NOT wear a standard Jedi robe in black!
  • The wearer's face should be completely obscured
  • There are multiple layers of clothing, very similar to a prequel Jedi.
  • The fabric is tattered and frayed.
  • A belt similar to the Jedi is worn, but should have no buckle or metallic accents
  • Black leather (or leather-like), high cuffed gloves should be worn.
  • A Vader, Maul, etc… saber is not acceptable. One should get as close as possible to the existing reference for the character
  • Plain black boots with no buckles, zippers, etc… are needed.
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