First and foremost, clones are tough costumes to build. We don't want to scare you away, but if you are new to this hobby, this suit can be challenging.

A 501st approved clone costume cannot have any visible rivets / fasteners, and cannot have visible seams on the biceps, forearms, thighs or outer calves. An inner seam on the calf is acceptable but should be avoided if possible.

This means that in addition to trimming, sizing and gluing the armor to fit you, you will also have to use some sort of filler to create the seamless look.

Clone armor must be painted. Where a stormtrooper is just raw plastic, clones need to be painted with a matte or satin finish. Glossy armor is not allowed.


There are several resources online with great information about clones:


A few things to keep in mind when you visit those forums:

  • ALWAYS use the search link on the board! People get very irritable answering the same question 50 times. Chances are good that someone else has been through whatever you are experiencing before.
  • When you do ask questions, be specific. Saying “I'm building a clone, help?” is way too broad. Try something like “I'm trying to attach my visor to my helmet and was curious what type of glue you would use and why?”. A well thought out, well written question goes a long way!
  • It is generally considered poor form to ask publicly about who makes / sells armor kits. Rather than going onto a board and posting that you're looking to get armor, read the build threads of other troopers. If you see one you are particularly impressed with, PM the person and ask where he/she got the kit.


Other general points of interest:

  • A Rubies clone helmet is not acceptable for 501st membership.
  • The Kellogg's helmet was once popular but has been fading into memory as more fan sculpted helmets become available. A Kellogg's helmet needs extensive work to become Legion ready.
  • A variety of fan made kits are available in small quantities. Following the clone boards mentioned above is the best way to find one when it comes up.
  • eFX Collectibles makes a licensed Episode 2 style helmet, and Master Replicas made a variety of Episode 3 helmets. MR is no longer producing them, but they are still easy to find online.
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