Reference picture:

I found a good tutorial here:

my only concern with vinyl would be supporting the weight of the blaster. but otherwise, as long as it fits, it's good.

but what's with the crl saying worn on the right? fisd is chock full of screen references it on the left, and that's the only way to holster an accurate rifle.

for reference, i'd check it's the place to be for stormies.

The holster on the other side is one of the really minor differences between the ANH and ESB accurate troopers.

Tandy Leather Discount: So I went to the Tandy in Chelmsford today to pick up some leather for my Aayla costume, and the guy at the store remembered me from when I was in there buying dye for my TK boots before Saint Pat's. I had been looking for Aayla leather then, but hadn't found anything that worked, so he was enthusiastic about helping me find just the right piece this time, was glad I came back and wanted to hear a bit about the costume.

He has a binder up at the front register that he's turning into an album of what customers are doing with their leather (sort of a “this is what you can do with leather!” concept for people who come in and ask what kind of things people do). He was really excited about getting me to bring in some pictures when I was finished with my costume so he could add them to the album.

So, this is a great opportunity to build a strong relationship with our local Tandy. He was really eager to help me find just the right material, including volunteering going into the back, digging through assorted bins, opening up the shipment he just got, etc, so I think there's an opportunity here to get a vendor excited about us and eager to hook us up. If you've got some cool leather pieces–ideally that came from Tandy, of course –please send me pictures! I'd like to collect some, and then bring them with me when I bring him pictures after I finish Aayla.

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