CA Imperial Gunner Helmet Tutorial

Note that this review/tutorial is based on a pre-production kit. The final product may vary slightly

In the box you will find just about everything you need to assemble this kit. You will need to purchase:

  • Bondo / some other filler
  • Glue (I recommend Household Goop, available at most hardware stores)
  • Primer, glossy Black paint, and a small amount of red paint
  • Rivet gun (rivets provided)
  • Black limo style window tint (optional)

The first thing I did was to sand all of the parts, particularly the edges. It arrived neatly trimmed, but some of the edges were still a bit rough. A slightly rough edge can result in paint welling up, and ruining your paint job.

The production helmets will have the drill holes marked. Drill these out before sanding so you don't lose the marks!

Next up was assembling the chin. I used masking tape to hold the two parts together:

Then I ran a bead of goop around the inside of the seam. Make sure to get a solid line, all the way to the edges. You want this to be strong! Don't put the goop on too thick, but try to spread it out over the top and bottom surfaces… the more surface area it's on, the stronger the bond will be!

Once the goop is completely dry, take the tape off. Now use the Bondo to fill in the gap around the outside edge of the seam. Take your time on this: This is the front facing part of the helmet, and you want it to look good!

After you are done with the bondo and sand paper, prime and paint all of the parts. This will take a long time, as you want both the inside and outside painted, and you need one side to be dry before you can do the other side. You also need to paint one of the provided screw covers red.

The pictures become scarce at this point… I messed up the paint on the rear scoop and had to sand out and repaint it. I got annoyed and failed to document many of the steps.

You'll probably scratch up the paint a bit here. Be careful, but don't worry too much about it. Rivet on the chin and rear scoop as per the markings and instructions. I found it easiest to mount the scoop first, then the chin (once the chin is on, it is hard to work with). When riveting on the scoop and chin, don't forget to rivet on the chin strap clips!

The CA Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet is nearly identical to this kit. See the Rebel Legion CA Fleet Trooper Tutorial for details on the comm box, antenna and chin strap. When installing the comm box for the IG, don't forget to put the base of the screw cover on the bolt, so you can attach the white dot.

note: the above RL tutoral data should be merged into here. that tutorial is also by tk7602

I found the provided lens material to be too light in color. To darken it up, I used some black limo window tint. To apply it, I sprayed what would be the outside of the lens with windex and applied the tint while it was still wet. The windex will help it go on easier, and once it has evaporated the tint will be stuck. I say the outside because of the curve - if you put it on the inside, bending the lens to fit can make it blister a bit.

Apply the Imperial Cog sticker to the forehead. Make sure to orient it properly (see movie photo at the top of the page). You only get one shot, since peeling it up will likely damage your paint and the decal. I placed it down and pressed on the center, then gradually radiated outward to prevent bubbles in the sticker. Once it was on, I used the back of a spoon to smooth it out.

The comm box has a hole drilled on the front that is not seen on the RFT helmet. This is for the red dot. Use the larger of the provided rivets along with the other half of the screw cover to install the cover. Once the rivet is in, press the red painted cover into place. Just to be safe, I also put a dot of Goop on the inside of the screw cover before pressing it in. The same with the white dot - I used some Goop to reinforce it.

Glue on the blue and white bits as seen in the movie photos - blue square on the front of the box and 2 white squares on the top.

Now it's time to install the lens. If you used the window tint, make sure to keep it on the outside when you bend it into place. I found that the rivets I used for the chin lined up perfectly to hold the visor in position, but your results may vary. I rested it on the chin piece, and bent it into place. I used some duct tape on the inside to hold it in place temporarily, and Gooped it in permanently.

You are done!

This is my finished helmet, shown next to a GF stormtrooper for size comparison. I think that this helmet is an amazing product, and is a great way to build an IG!

IG-7602 out!

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