Don't get blood on your armor!

Here are some tips to staying safe when working on your costumes. Remember, these skills have been paid for with the blood of your garrison makes… don't make the same mistakes others have!!

  • If you have long hair, ALWAYS tie it back when working with power tools! If you catch your hair in a 15K RPM Dremel, it will be bouncing off your scalp before you even have time to react!
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses or a full face shield when cutting, painting, or using chemicals. Your eyes are MUCH more important than that new Fett helmet!
  • When working with chemicals, always wear nitrile gloves that are rated for the chemicals you are using. The wrong gloves will do you no good – some chemicals will eat right through latex. Latex gloves also inhibit the curing of some silicones, so it's best to stay away from them entirely.
  • Wear a respirator. Not a paper dust mask, but a quality filter rated for paint/chemical fumes. They are around $30, and well worth it to prevent brain damage! Related to that, always work in a well ventilated area, and away from open flame.
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