Some weathering methods from members:

This youtube video shows how I do my weathering:

It features blackwashing and acrylic paints.

“I primed my clone armor.. painted it black.. then painted it white again… the technique is to sand down through the layers of paint, so the black shows through. The larger splotches are from my black and decker mouse hand held sander, and the smaller, thinner lines are from my dremel”

“Dry brushing is how most of us weather our weapons. You dip your brush in paint and then rub most of it off onto a paper towel, make it almost non-existant on the brush. Then you brush around the edges of your piece where it would naturally weather to give it the look of exposed metal. It's usually done with silver paint on a black piece to make it look like the black was rubbed away to reveal the natural metal coloring. You could do the same with black on a white piece.

[Blackwashing] Another great weathering technique we use on Fetts is to take black acryllic and mix it with windex or windshield washer fluid. Then you can either dab it on with a paper towel or spray it on with a spray bottle and add/remove to your liking. Never start too strong, remember you can always add more as you go. It has a way of adding a natural looking grime to your pieces.”

“Dry brushing works great. Also, try some real world weathering. Take your car keys, or a really small chain and just bang it against the armor. It makes a difference. Even little things like dropping the armor on the floor in your house can help. I dont recommend crawling thru some underbrush or having someone shoot at you, but, hey, to each their own.

Another thing to consider, is making sure the weathering makes sense. For example, you are wearing an entire suit of armor. If you have a scorch mark on the ab plate but it doesnt extend up to the chest plate, then it looks like you just sat there and weathered the ab plate. A common mistake in weathering is not thinking of the entire picture.”

“I use pastel crayons, they are like chalk, crush them up into a powder and then I spray them with hairspray to keep it from smearing. Also the toothpaste affect is what I do for the chipping”

“similar to pastels, i use graphite (pencils). i have these art pencils that are all graphite, no wood. i shave that over the item with a razor blade then pat it in / rub it with my fingers.

i like to get really personal with weathering… no brushes or anything, always fingers, rags, paper towels, etc…”

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