Using the Calendar

The website has a custom calendar specially designed to suit our needs. There are a few important things to know about it when adding potential or confirmed events. Click here to add an event to the calendar.

Adding an Event

These steps only apply to the section that has the fields to the left in white text. Anything entered in these fields is visible to the public.

  • If this is a potential event, make sure that you put a *potential* tag in front of the “Event Title”. If this is a confirmed event this step is not necessary.
  • When adding something to the “Description” field you can type something up using the info from the original event request.
  • The street address, including city/state and zip code, is all that is required for the “Location” field.
  • The “Start Time” is when the event actually starts, not when we will be arriving or stepping off.
  • The “Event Date” is the day of the event. In some cases an event runs for more than one day, so in this case enter the 1st day of the event.
  • Open the drop down menu for “How many days does this event run for?” and select the number of days. This will automatically add the additional days to the calendar.
  • Do not list actual prices in the “Admission Cost” field! If there is a cost associated with this event just put (see website) here. If you know the event is free for all to attend then you can enter Free or No Charge.
  • Put a link to the event host website in the “Event Web Site” field. If they have a specific page setup for this event be sure to add that direct link instead.
Internal Event Info

These steps only apply to the section that has the fields to the left in red text. Anything entered in these fields is private and can only be seen by us.

  • The “NEG Suit Up Time” field is designated as the time we need to be ready in order to step off on time.
  • The “Costume Rules” field is to help determine what type of costumes are approved for this event. Most of the events we attend are “Informal” but make sure you check with the event host before choosing an option here.
  • The “Contact Email” and “Contact Phone” fields should only be used with permission from the event host to share that information. Otherwise it is best to leave these fields blank.
  • There is a section on the form labeled “Who should be able to view this calendar entry:”. This section is how we control what entries are seen by the public and when.
  1. If you set it to “Everyone” this will be considered a confirmed event, that means it will show up on the Homepage in the 'Upcoming Events' section. ONLY PUBLIC EVENTS SHOW UP IN THE TROOP TRACKER (see Troop Tracker for more info).
  2. If you set it to “NEG Members only” this will either be considered a potential event or a private event, which will not show up on the Homepage in the 'Upcoming Events' section.
  3. The “Joint Ops (501st/Rebel Legion/Academy)” option should not be used.
  • Once you have finished click the “Next” button and your event will be added to the calendar.

Edit the Event

Once a potential event is moved over to confirmed it is important to go back and edit this calendar entry. That way the event can be seen by the public and it will show up in the “Upcoming Events” section of the Homepage.

  • Open the calendar and look for the event you need to update. Click on the “Edit this event” link to continue.

  • Next you need to remove the *potential* tag in front of the “Event Title”.

  • Scroll down to the “Event Type” section and change the option to 'Open to the public' and hit the “Save Changes” button.

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