Using the NEG Calendar

The NEG web site has a custom calendar specially designed to suit our needs. There are a few important things to know about it:

Adding an Event

To add an event to the calendar, click here. Fields in RED on the update calendar form are only visible to logged in users. The public can't see these.

Event Types

There is a section on the form labeled “Who should be able to view this calendar entry:”. This section is very important! If you set it to everyone, this will be considered a “public event”, aka it will show up when a visitor to the site looks at the events link on the main page. ONLY PUBLIC EVENTS SHOW UP IN THE TROOP TRACKER (see Troop Tracker for more info).

After Action Report

Once an event has passed, you can go back to the calendar entry and fill in details about the event: review, photo link, etc… You'll also notice that events that have passed will show you who trooped at them!

Also note that the after action report is a great way to make an event that has passed public for purposes of the Troop Tracker. Take the Hasbro sales conferences we've done. There's no need for them to show up in our calendar as upcoming events, but it's cool to see them when you look at our history.

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