Charitable Donation

If we raised money for a charity, either by collecting on our own or via a direct donation, we need send that to the designated charitable organization in a timely manner. If a direct donation is going to be made by the event host, ask them to inform you of when the donation is sent out and for how much. If we collect funds in person at an event, coordinate the next steps with the CO, the XO, and the Treasurer.

NOTE: Do not send funds destined for a charity to our PayPal account! This will result in excess fees being taken out and a longer time for the payment to be made to the charity. Make a deposit to our bank account and mail a check from that same account to the charitable organization.

  • When sending the payment in it is a good idea to include a simple letter stating who the group is and how we collected the money. See Sample Charity Letter.
  • Please notify the Charity Representative of the amount collected for tracking purposes. They will need this information:
  1. Event title
  2. Event date
  3. Charity that benefited from the event
  4. Amount raised
  5. Brief description of the event or a link to the Mission Report
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