Setup & Breakdown

Depending on the type of event there may be a need to setup and breakdown an area before and after the event. This is more common for events like a parade or convention but occasionally we will setup a small table at a library or charity fundraiser event.

What can I expect to setup?

Again this will vary depending on the event but as an example using the more common events:

  • Lead Vehicle in a Parade - We have banners that are hung from the lead vehicle and a sound system that needs to be setup and secured in place.
  • Convention Table - We have a helmet display that uses square cages. There are PR materials and other items like patch displays, trading cards, a recruitment sign-up form, and charity information that gets spread out across the table(s).
  • Convention Booth Layout - In addition to the table there is the general area that needs to be arranged. We have a range of items from the Tantive IV photo backdrop to poster displays that need to be assembled. Depending on what is available at the time there may also be props and games to setup as well.

Here is a short list of the resources we have available that are often used at events.

  • Banners
  • Parade Sound System
  • Helmet Display Cages
  • Tantive IV Photo Backdrop
  • Blast-A-Trooper
  • Vertical Standee / Poster Display
  • Prop Display Shelves
  • Interactive Props / Games (when and if available)
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