Questions to ask an Event Host

When we receive a request to make an appearance at an event there can be a lot of questions on our end that need to be answered. Here are some examples of questions that may come up during that initial contact with an event host.

Inviting us to an event

Sometimes when a person submits an event request they leave certain fields blank, either because they missed them or because they do not have an answer. In any case the fields on that event request form exist to provide us with the basic event information. If you are missing any of this information go back and ask the event host to supply you with it before you post a new thread in 'Potential Events'. Here are the questions we ask on our event request form:

Event Information
  • Title - The name of the event.
  • Date - This will open up a calendar to allow the event host to click on a specific day.
  • Time - This is a drop down menu that lets you choose a time.
  • Description - A text box for providing us with a brief description of the event.
  • Address - A text box to supply us with an address.
Event Point of Contact Information
  • Name - Who is the person contacting us and inviting us to this event.
  • Email - What is their email address in order for us to contact them.
  • Phone - An alternate way of contacting them by phone.
Requested Information
  • Is there a private and secure place for us to change and store our belongings? - This will open up a drop down menu that provides the event host with a few options.
  • Is there free parking available for our members at the event location? - This will open up a drop down menu that provides the event host with a few options.
  • Do you have any particular character requests or other requirements? (number of characters, no weapons, particular characters etc…)? - A text box to give us an idea if they want to see a certain character.
  • How did you hear about the 501st New England Garrison? (web search, saw us at an event, friends, etc…)? - A text box to give us an idea of how they can across our group.

Do you have a deadline in mind?

Sometimes the event host will have a deadline they need a definite answer from us by. It can be helpful to ask this up front but it usually does not become an issue until the date of the event gets closer. Regardless of when you ask this question it can help us to keep things moving so be sure to add this date to the 1st post.

Would you be willing to make a donation?

As a rule we never charge for making an appearance at an event. However it is always a nice gesture to receive a donation made to a charitable group in our name from the event host in exchange for our appearance. Normally we will not ask a non-profit group to make a donation, our service to their event is typically good enough. Although when attending a commercial event it is certainly within reason to ask for a donation. The important thing to note here is that if the event host does not wish to make a donation we should still proceed with their event request.

Are you willing to provide us with any comped passes?

Depending on the event sometimes we can received comped passes, either for ourselves or for us and our family members. These will only be available to the members that troop the event.

Are we allowed to bring prop weapons to the event?

Due to the increase in violent attacks around the country some event hosts may be concerned about the image a bunch of military-like soldiers with large guns walking around creates. It may not seem like a big deal to us but the perception our image generates may be seen as the total opposite to others. You should always ask if we are allowed to bring our props to the event. Some event hosts may say yes to anything we want to bring, some may limit us to lightsabers and only hanging from a belt, others may reject the use of props all together.

Is this a "Star Wars themed" event?

Based on some new guidelines handed down by Lucasfilm, we can no longer accept an event request that has a “Star Wars theme” to it without prior approval from Lucasfilm. If you receive an event request that falls into this category, please forward the contact information to the CO, XO, and the Event Coordinator.

Is this a "politically charged or commercial" event?

There are many subjects that exist in our society today that are considered “politically charged” and should be avoided. For example:

  • Any time we are asked to support a candidate running for public office we must decline. We can not under any circumstances be seen as giving an endorsement to any candidate.
  • We can not directly endorse the sale of a product. Any requests to participate in an event like this must be processed by Lucasfilm first. (see the Is this a “Star Wars themed” event? question above)
  • There are lots of civil issues front and center in the world today, such as gay rights and expression of religious beliefs. Any request to participate in an event that centers around these topics will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: As long as the event is planned and coordinated as an all inclusive / family-friendly event, there is a chance we can participate in an official capacity. However if there is a concern for the safety of our members or the impact our participation will have on the group then we must also take that into consideration.

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