Garrison Updates

  • Post event review to NEG forum and share photos by posting to your personal gallery…ask Admin to move them to a public folder.
  • Remind people who trooped to update the Troop Tracker.
  • Go back to the calendar and edit the event post. You can include the photo link, write up a summary, etc… This serves as our local Mission Report, and is clickable from the roster entry of anyone that trooped the event.
  • Post event review on Legion forum in the Mission Reports section if applicable, coordinate with other NEG members to avoid duplication.
  • If you experience any problems during your event, please notify the Garrison Command Staff in private ASAP! This includes any negative situations that the entity may have caused or a Garrison member who was behaving or appearing in an inappropriate fashion.
  • Write up an article on the event for the quarterly NEG newsletter (contact CO/XO to discuss).
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