All Legion events are 18+ by default. At any time, the Command Staff may decide whether an event will remain Members only or will permit Minor attendance based on the following:

Attendance: Minor attendance must be approved by the Event Host who invited the Legion's at least one week prior to the event. For liability and tracking purposes, the request must be made by the Command Staff or member serving as our POC, not the parent/guardian of the Minor.

Supervision: Minors must be under direct supervision at all times by an adult specifically assigned to them by a parent. This adult must be in plain clothes and cannot be in costume. A Minor must never be left with a Wrangler who is supporting our costumed members at an event.

Age Requirement: Minors at all events must be 7 years of age or older. Appearance: Minors must have and be able to wear a movie-quality, size-appropriate costume (e.g. Ewok, Jawa, Jedi Padawan, or other small character).

Mini-Troopers: Smaller versions of adult costumes (e.g. Tiny TK's or TB's) are not permitted at official events. Parents are welcome to bring them to our booth at a convention or similar themed events like Free Comic Book Day. However in cases like this Minors are still to be considered guests and not part of our presence at the event.

Behavior: Minors must be able to follow directions. No jumping up, running around, or otherwise interrupting the proceedings. Minors should not be carried (barring emergency circumstances, of course). Minors that act out or are otherwise disruptive will be removed from the event.

Participation: If a minor is unable to continue wearing the costume for the full event, the minor must be removed by the adult responsible for them. No minors will be permitted to participate in half-costumes.

Changing Area: Due to the state of undress our adult members find themselves in while changing into costume, it is inappropriate to bring minors into the changing area. If minors are permitted to attend an event, they must wait until after the adult members are finished and have left the changing room. Otherwise parents must change their children into costume in a nearby restroom or in the family vehicle.

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