These policies will apply to ALL events. These policies are being put in place to ensure safety of the kids and adults, safeguard us from insurance liability, and make us more compliant with the actual rules of the 501st and Rebel Legions as a whole.

* All Legion events are 18+ by default. At any time, the Command Staff may decide whether an event will remain Members only, or will permit Minor attendance.

* Age Requirement: Minors at all events must be 7 years old or older.

* Appearance: Minors must have and be able to wear a movie-quality, size-appropriate (e.g. Ewok, Jawa, or other small character) costume for the entirety of the event. If a minor is unable to continue wearing the costume for the full event, the minor must be removed by the adult responsible for them. No minors will be permitted to participate in half-costumes. Minors who cannot wear a full costume will be removed from the event, and the adult responsible for them will be asked to leave with them until the event concludes.

* Attendance: Minors must have the approval of the Command Staff to attend any event, which must be obtained at least one week prior to the event. Minor attendance must be approved by the POC who invited the Legions to the event. For liability and tracking purposes, if a Minor is interested in attending, the request must be made of the POC by Command Staff, not the parent/guardian of the Minor.

* Behavior: Minors must be able to follow directions - that means if they are told to sit on the float, they must remain seated unless they really have to move. No jumping up, running around, or hanging off the sides, or otherwise interrupting the proceedings. Minors should not be carried (barring emergency circumstances, of course). Minors who cannot obey the rules of the event will be removed from the event, and the adult responsible for them will be asked to leave with them until the event concludes.

*Changing Area Use: The 501st and Rebel Legions are 18+ organizations, and due to the state of undress our adult members find themselves in while changing into costume, it is inappropriate to bring minors into the changing area. If minors are permitted to attend an event by the Command Staff, an appropriate changing space will be found for them.

* Supervision: Minors must be under direct supervision at all times by an adult specifically assigned to them. We need our wranglers to help our costumed adults, and if the wranglers are forced to split their attention between the adults and the minors, it is unsafe for the minor, unfair to the adults, and unfair to demand that of the wranglers. Those intending to have their children participating in an event should coordinate with other parents to secure an extra wrangler or two to specifically ensure the safety of all the kids. In addition, no adult should assume that if they are busy or distracted that someone else will automatically jump in to watch their child - specifically ask another adult to take over for you.

* Back-ups or Character Shifts: For long events with several minors in attendance, it is acceptable for them to be split into multiple groups, with one group resting while the other participates, if they so choose. This is to help ensure that the minors don't become exhausted all at the same time, that the wranglers are able to supervise them adequately, and that there are some Ewoks/Jawas/etc appearing for the entire event.

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