Day-Of the Event

As the “Point of Contact” for the event it is important to remain available to help resolve issues that may arise during the event. That does not mean you have to stay out of costume the whole time but make sure to let others know where you are in case they or the event host is looking for you.

  • Check in with the event host when you arrive. It is recommended that you show up to the event early and make sure everything is in order.
  • Depending on the event you should also go on a walk through with the event host and check out the changing space, the designated areas we will be trooping, and any areas that we should not be in.
  • Life happens sometimes, so if you are unable to dedicate the required resources to the event please contact the CO and XO as soon as possible to turn over any information you have about the event.
  • When appropriate, remind everyone participating in the event to behave professionally. We are representing both Star Wars and Lucasfilm when appearing in public.
  • Define your event in order to determine if and where the “Helmet off policy” applies and communicate that with everyone. Some events are very strict about never appearing in public without a full costume while others, like a convention, are less formal and taking helmets off in public is OK.
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