There is a different aspect of every event we attend that must also be considered when we are out in public with our costumes, posing for pictures. While we are having fun in costume people are also having fun posing for pictures with us and taking those pictures for others. It is important that we always remain mindful of where we are and what we are doing when asked to pose for a picture.

Flickr Albums

We have a Flickr account that is our official media outlet to store and share our event photos. They contain all of our event photos from over the years and are broken up into two categories, albums and collections. Albums are single sets of photos from a specific event, collections are groupings that organize the albums by year. These albums are visible to the public and can be seen by all.

Social Media

In addition to posting the full albums to our Flickr account we also post event photos on our different social media accounts. (see "Public Relations" for those links) Some examples of when we post these photos is on “Throw Back Thursday” on Facebook or for #TrooperTuesday on Twitter. If there are some funny photos taken from an event they may also be posted at random.

Acceptable vs. Inappropriate Poses

Keeping in mind that groups like ours operate with permission from Disney/Lucasfilm, it is important that we avoid doing things that may be seen as “too harsh” when posing for photos. Some examples are:

  • The “detained prisoner on the knees” pose is totally acceptable and considered in character.
  • Holding your blaster directly against a persons head can be seen as threatening.
  • Darth Vader giving someone a “Force Choke” is fine as long as that person is still on their feet.
  • Darth Vader actually choking someone is bad, very bad.
  • Holding your lightsaber out in front of someone is fine.
  • Holding your lightsaber to a persons throat and using it to tilt their head back, not so much.

Watch your Surroundings

Always keep an eye out for where you are and what is going on around you. We may be asked to pose for a picture with some people and after everyone is all huddled together someone tries to toss a “Re-Elect” poster or a can of “Dark Side Energy drink” into the picture. Obviously some of the costumes we wear limit our ability to see, that goes without saying. But if you are in a parade during the fall there is a chance someone will try and sneak a campaign poster into a quick photo. Or if you are at a convention and wandering the vendors area someone might try and get a photo of you with their product to use on their website.

Rude Gestures

We are all adults here so this one is more of a “use your better judgement” request than anything else. When trooping an event please remember to avoid posing for pictures that may be seen as vulgar. If you pose for a picture in such a manner please keep them to yourself and do not post them to any of our official media outlets or tag us on Facebook / Twitter.


We cannot take and show photos of children without their parents consent. It stands to reason that if a family is posing for a photo and we are using our camera to take the picture, that is an act of consent. However, if you are taking photography at a more private/personal event (like a hospital visit or private charity fundraising party), PLEASE CONFIRM WITH THE EVENT ORGANIZERS THAT IT IS OK FOR US TO SHARE ANY PHOTOS WE TAKE.

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