Posting an event in 'Potential Events'

In order to prevent any issues from occurring at any stage of an event it is important to follow a set of procedures when planning and coordinating that event. It can be a little daunting at first but once you go through the process once or twice it gets much easier. If you follow these guidelines you will make it easy for everyone to keep track of what is going on and help to ensure the success of the event.

Communicating with the Event Host

The Command Staff is not looking to manage all Garrison events. We feel that it is the privilege of all members to have the opportunity to run their own. We simply need to have situational awareness of what's happening at these events to ensure that all basic needs are met.

  • When holding discussions with potential or existing event hosts, please be sure to CC the NEG Events Coordinator on any official communications pertaining to the event at
  • If your communications are in person or over the phone instead of in email, please be sure to notify the NEG Events Coordinator to keep them in the loop.
  • Remember you are representing a large organization and you're our face to the public. Please remain courteous, respectful and professional.
Creating a 'New Topic'
  • Start by going to the Potential Events section of the forum and clicking on the 'New Topic' button to create a new thread.
  • Fill out the subject line by following this format: DATE - TITLE - LOCATION. So for example, a Free Comic Book Day event on May 3rd at The Comic Stop in Watertown would read “05/03 - FCBD @ The Comic Stop - Watertown, MA”.
  • Start off the 1st post with some general information about the event request. Using the “quote” function is often helpful.

  • The next thing you want to include is a listing of the information attached to the event request. Such as the date, time, where the event is, is there changing space and parking. Using BOLD fonts for the “Where” and “When” type of stuff is also helpful. If you are missing some of this information just put an “n/a” in that line. If you are missing most of this information it would be best for you to go back and ask the event host to provide you with this before you continue posting this new thread.

  • Create a sign-up sheet in order to keep track of who is interested in trooping this event. You can either create a manual list in the 1st post and update it yourself or you can create a Google Doc and copy a link to that in the 1st post.
  • Some events may run longer than a few hours and could include some sort of schedule. If you have this information be sure to include it in this 1st post. Using a combination of colors to break things up can be helpful to distinguish one activity from another.

  • If the event host will be making a donation to a charity in exchange for our participation in that event it is also a good idea to mention that in the 1st post.

Do I need to create a poll?

Sometimes the event host will provide us with a range of possible dates to see what will work best for us. In other cases we might have a range of charities to choose from. Regardless of what needs to be decided on, if this happens you should add a poll when creating this new thread.

  • Scroll down on the page to just below the 'Submit' button and you will see a grey box with three tabs. Click on the one that says 'Poll Creation' and you will see this.

  • Fill in your 'Poll Question' by asking what you want. Be sure to word it in the form of a question.
  • In the 'Poll Options' section provide the options that people will be voting on. For each question you must type them out on individual lines. So enter your first question and hit the 'Enter' key to start typing on a new line.
  • If you want to allow each person a chance to pick multiple options then change the 'Options per user' field.
  • If you want to set how long the poll runs for you can put a number of days in the 'Run poll for' field.
  • If you want to allow people an opportunity to change their vote check off the 'Allow re-voting' box.
  • After you have entered all of the information you have available hit the 'Submit' button to post the new thread.
  • Throughout the planning stage please keep the 1st post up to date with any relevant information. Someone interested in trooping this event should not have to read anything beyond the 1st post to know what he/she needs to do.
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