Sample Charity Letter

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Dear Sir or Madam:

Please find the enclosed donation for CHARITY presented from ORGANIZATION. This check was presented to a group that I represent as a thank you for our participation at a recent community event in TOWN, STATE.

The New England Garrison is the local chapter of the world wide 501st Legion. We are a Star Wars fan group, focused on creating movie quality reproductions of the costumes worn by the Empire of the Star Wars universe – otherwise known as ‘the bad guys’. Our group does a variety of charity work, conventions and movie promotional events throughout New England. You can find photos of past events that our group has participated in at our website,

When ORGANIZATION offered to make a donation to a charity in our name as a thank you for assisting in their EVENT, our members selected your organization. In the past our group has focused our fundraising efforts on children’s charity organizations. We feel that the work that you do is invaluable.

Please accept this donation from ORGANIZATION in our name. If you would like our assistance in future fundraising efforts or events please feel free to contact us, either through our website or through my e-mail: MEMBER INFORMATION.


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