Event Specifics

In addition to the initial questions mentioned here in 'Questions to ask an Event Host' there may be some additional follow-up required. As the main “Point of Contact” for this event you are responsible for making sure people know where to go and what to do. It is expected that you will be able to provide any of the information below (where it applies) to our members attending the event.

  • Security at the venue may approach us and ask us to stay in certain areas. There may be a policy against wearing helmets that cover our faces anywhere other than the designated area for the event. The use of realistic looking weapons may also be an issue.
  • Giving law enforcement a heads-up for public appearances that take place outside can help to avoid these problems.
  • Confidentiality issues at hospital visits may need to be addressed ahead of time with the staff.
  • Are there any age restrictions in place by the venue that might prevent some of our younger members from attending?
  • Will we be allowed to take photos with our own cameras and upload them to our website / post to social media?
  • In order to promote a raffle Massachusetts state law requires an organization to complete and submit an application. If approved a permit would be granted. The organization would then have to file a return with the state lottery commission and pay percent of the proceeds from the raffle. Whoever violates any provision of this section or submits false information on an application or report required under this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment in the house of correction for not more than one year, or both.
Canon vs. Informal
  • What kind of characters have been requested? Is the event host looking for a certain grouping of characters or is this an open invite to anyone? Can we bring informal characters to the event or would they prefer to keep things in-line with the movies?
  • As a follow up to the question above, is the event request open to other costuming groups? In other words, is the request for “Imperials only” or “Rebels only” or is this a joint event available to all? Can we share this requests with other Star Wars costuming groups like the Mandalorian Mercs?
  • Do they need our logo for the advertising on their website or anywhere in the venue?
  • Is there a place where we can setup a table and display our props, business cards and flyers, books, photo slides/digital picture frame or photo album?
  • Is there a place where we can hang some banners to display?
Checking In
  • What entrance should we use when our members arrive at the venue?
  • Who should everyone ask for when they arrive?
  • Where is the changing area and can we get there on our own or do we need to be escorted in?
Info for Members
  • Where can our members park their cars? Is that free (ie: open parking lot, street parking, reserved parking) or is there a cost (and if so, how much)?
  • It is helpful to provide the full name and street address of the venue. Look for this on their website or ask the event host for an address members can use for their GPS.
  • Will the event host be providing us with water in the changing room? Depending on the length of the event we can ask for food as well.
  • Do they have a specific schedule in mind for the event? Do we need to step off at a certain time, be available for an activity by this time, or meet here by this time? All of those details need to be provided in the 1st post.
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