Not all parades are have convenient parking or follow circular routes. If you're setting up a parade, find out where the parking is in relation to the rest of the walk.

In some cases, the parades will follow a straight route and end potentially miles from where the march began. This is a BIG problem if you've got 50 tired troopers asking you how they are getting back to their cars!

At St. Pat's 2008 we rented a bus to take us back. It was around $500, which came out to about $10 a person. WELL worth the money!

Consider also that floats are NOT safe to transport large numbers on! Nor is it safe to have people piled in the back of a pickup truck.

If you are renting a vehicle make sure to consider if a driver tip is included in the cost. Determine payment amount and method (before or after the event), drop time and location, and any details of this type that you will need day-of the event. Please take into consideration when collecting donations from troopers on the day of the event, the possibility of trooper cancellation due to illness, schedules or inclement weather. If you are collecting funds day-of and half of your troopers drop out, you (or someone particular) must be prepared to pay for the vehicle.

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