The Troop Tracker

The Troop Tracker is a custom tool designed to highlight your activity as a member. This tool is also used to help the Command Staff manage their membership database within the Legion. It is the responsibility of each member to update their own Troop Tracker after an event.

How It Works

1) After an event has passed click the Troop Tracker link in the grey navigation bar located near the top of the forum.

2) Mark off your attendance at an event by scrolling down and searching for it on the next page. When you find an event that you have trooped in click on the “Add me to the duty list” link to the right.

Where will I see this on the website?
  • In your entry on the Roster Page you will see a list of the events you have trooped.

  • When looking at a completed event in the calendar it lists everyone that trooped the event.

  • The “Featured Member” on the Roster Page is randomly selected, like a lottery where each troop counts as a ticket. The more troops you have, the more often you will show up!

Important Note
  • Record the entry only if you were trooping in a Legion approved costume.
  • One thing to be aware of is that only PUBLIC events show up in the Troop Tracker. So for instance, a garrison cookout that is added to the calendar does not count.
  • There are times when an event is private until it is marked as a confirmed event. Once the event has been changed to confirmed, the event organizer can go back to the calendar entry and make it public. It will then show up in your Troop Tracker.
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