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Some events will have a very structured wrangler arrangement, with a person in charge of 'wrangling the wranglers' and specific duties for each wrangler while other events will be more informal. THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF EACH EVENT SHOULD CONSIDER WRANGLER NEEDS, CREATE A WRANGER PLAN AND MAKE SURE THAT WRANGLERS KNOW OF THEIR DUTIES.

For parades and other large events it's really important to have enough wranglers. We've found that the face characters usually need dedicated wranglers, with a few floating around to take care of the rest of the troops.

The big concern at a parade is that someone will step out of line for a photo and get delayed returning. Remember wranglers, no trooper left behind!

Event planners should reiterate at events what wranglers are important for (and give suggestions of the best ways to go about this):

  • Making sure our troopers are safe.
  • Being the eyes for troopers who can't see well in their costumes.
  • Directing troopers out of the way of small children, piles of horse poop, drunk parade goers.
  • Picking up falling costume bits.
  • Keeping troops in formation and keeping the group moving along (should troops be wandering or in stricter formation?).
  • Taking photo and video.
  • Making sure our large props are OK along the walk.
  • Being the 'voice' for troopers that are hidden with buckets, talking about who we are, what we do, where event photos will go.
  • Holding car keys for troopers without pockets.
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