Official 501st Legion Detachments

The below detachments are websites and forums dedicated to the particular costuming groups. If you can't find an answer from within the NEG, you'll probably be able to find a bunch of helping hands here! Armored Calvary Detachment: AT-AT Drivers, AT-ST Drivers and Armor Assault Commanders Blizzard Force: Snowtroopers First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Flagship Eclipse Detachment: Expanded Universe Characters Grand Army of the Republic: Clone Troopers Imperial Gunnery Corps: Gunners Imperial Officers Corps: Officers and Crew Jolly Roger Squadron: TIE Pilots Krayt Clan: Tusken Raiders and Jawas Mos Eisley Police Department: Sandtroopers Pathfinders: Biker Scouts and BARC Troopers Phoenix Squadron: Bounty Hunters The Dented Helmet: Boba and Jango Fett costuming forum (Not actual detachment but GOOD resource.) Sith Lord Detachment: Film canon Sith Lords (Vader, Maul, Dooku/Tyranus, Palpatine/Sidious) Sovereign Protectors: Royal Guards Special Ops Detachment: Shadowtroopers, etc.

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