Photo Booth

One of the most effective ways we have to raise money for charity is taking photos with the Star Wars characters. It's basically like going to the mall to take a pic with Santa or the Easter Bunny, but with Darth Vader.

There are a number of ways to handle this, and it's important to consider technical and cost issues when finding the right method for your event:

Printing: you are responsible for providing a computer, printer, camera, paper, ink. This is the most costly and complicated way to do photos, so keep that in mind. The rough cost of 100 sheets of photo paper and the ink to print them is around $50, or $0.50 per photo.

Our experience has been that in order to properly run this style of photo booth, you need 1 dedicated photographer, and 1 dedicated computer / printer operator. Consider the numbers available for an event: Can you spare 2 bodies for non-costumed duties?

Polaroids: These are the easiest way to go, but they look much less impressive than a 4×6 photo print which can easily be framed.

Polaroid film is readily available, and the cameras are easy to use. There is no post-photo prep work required. Simply shoot the pic and you are done.

We have a template available to print out Polaroid photo frames for an event (See Media). You will have to print and cut out these frames, so consider that time/effort when determining whether or not to use the frames.

Double sided tapes and other suitable adhesives can be found in the scrapbooking section of any arts and crafts store. This is an easy way to mount the photos in the frames, and adds only minimal expense.

Some NEG members own Polaroid cameras - inquire about the availability for your event (and be prepared to purchase film). Film is most often found for the lowest prices at wholesale stores (Costco, BJs).

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