Outline for “About the 501st” Presentations, NEG specific


  • 1997, two SC troopers for Special Edition
  • Now around 40 garrisons and over 4k members.
  • New England (minus CT) around 90+ members.
  • Fall of 2007 in Guiness Book of World Records, largest SW Costume Group.


  • Fan-created: personal legion of stormtroopers, “Vader's Fist”
  • 2004, 2 Star Wars books by Timothy Zahn (Survivor's Quest and Fool's Bargain)
  • Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Visual Dictionary
  • 2005, LucasArts storyline centered on in Star Wars Battlefront II.
  • Later 501st merchandise (shirts, action figures, replica helmets).
  • 501st Action Figure by Hasbro (San Diego Comicon 2006)


  • Where Science Meets Imagination
  • Star Wars Weekends at Disney (only non-Disney in costume)
  • Other promotional events (Trump Apprentice, Burger King, M&Ms)
  • Primary Charity, The Jimmy Fund (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)
  • Movie Premieres (Lowes Danvers, Boston Common, AMC Fenway)
  • Parades (2007 Rose Bowl Parade, Boston St. Pats and Woburn Halloween)
  • Other charity events (walks, event fundraising via raffles, photo drives, assistance)
  • School and sporting events
  • Conventions (Super Megafest, Dragoncon)


  • Contact local garrison for your area
  • NEG Imperial Academy, assistance with research, construction, finding parts. Social experience. “Wrangling”.
  • Once a full-fledged member asked to do at least one event per year to keep active status (mix of activity among members) and keep costume in trooping order.
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