Using the NEG Photo Gallery

UPDATE - 11/26/13

The 'Photo Gallery' hosted on this site is no longer in service. DO NOT try and upload photos here because they will not be seen and will eventually be deleted without prior notice. From this point forward all event photos will be uploaded and displayed on our Flickr account. Only the Command Staff of the NEG and Alderaan Base will have access to upload photos here.

for reference only

You need to be logged in to the forum to upload pictures.

Click the Photos link in the main site navigation. This will bring you to the gallery. Under the “Photo Admin Tools” section of the nav panel you will see a link “Create / Order my Albums”. Clicky clicky.

Click the New button, and create an album. When you click New it will populate the text box below the buttons with “New Album”. Call it whatever you want, just play nice… nothing offensive. You can create as many albums as you want - they will all be sub folders of your personal gallery. You can use the arrows to change the order of the albums: select the album you want to move and click the arrows to move it up or down in the list.

When you are happy with what you've got, click the Apply Modifications button to save.

OK, so now you have an album. Click the “Upload Picture” link in the “Photo Tools” section of the navigation panel.

In the upload picture window you can choose pictures from your local computer, or from a remote web site. Select the pictures you want, then click continue. The next screen you'll see should get a confirmation that the file(s) uploaded. If there was a problem, this screen will also tell you why it didn't work (picture was too big for example). If the upload worked, click continue again. You will now go through each of the pictures you uploaded. You can pick which album to put the pictures in (like the one created a couple of steps ago), give the picture a title and description, etc.. Click continue again to place the photo in your album.

You can also upload a zip file. If you are uploading event photos for us to move to a public album, this might be the way to go. Create a zip file of your pictures, upload it, and post the URL. One of the admins can then unzip the photos into the main photo gallery.

You should now have a picture in your album. If you go back to the main gallery index and scroll down to the User Galleries category, you'll get a list of personal albums. Yours should now be one of them.

Notify admins of photos and ask them to be moved over to a public gallery in the thread for the event.

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