Male Tusken Raiders

The tusken raiders appeared in Episodes II, III and IV. While similar throughout, there are changes between the PT and OT versions.


The tusken raider mask is very restrictive, both to vision and breathing. If you are claustrophobic, this is not the costume for you!

The OT tuskens had slightly larger heads, and were a bit messier. The PT tuskens, while still quite dirty, were put together more carefully.


OT tuskens wear a brown leather wrapped canister around their necks. PT tuskens have a thick scarf instead.


Enfield bandoliers from the early 1900s were used in the prequels. These were brown leather with small, angled pouches designed to hold riffle ammunition (1st picture). In the PT, the pouches are square, custom made ones (2nd picture).


The robes vary from one tusken to the next, and as such, no major distinction is made between OT and PT. They should be an off white color, and made from a coarse, natural fabric. The originals were Ralph Lauren blankets.

Some tuskens wore an outer robe on top of the inner robe and bandoliers.

TK-409 has excellent patterns online for robes, and will make them for you if you need help.


The OT tuskens carried Gaffi sticks, made of a totokia with a steel mace attached to the handle. Each gaffi stick was different, so there is some latitude here.

Here you see a fan made one on the top, built from wood and PVC pipe. The lower one is a real totokia with a welded steel mace bored into the shaft of the weapon. Both are acceptable for a 501st member, the PVC one being a much lighter, safer item for trooping.

In the PT movies there are gaffi sticks and sniper rifles. Primitive weapons, reminiscent of old time rifles from our galaxy. Below is shown a fan made rifle, crafted out of wood, scrap plastic, and model kit parts.

Hands and Feet

Sandpeople have no exposed skin. Canvas work gloves are worn on the hands, and everything else is wrapped up in dirty strips of cloth.

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