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DK Books announced yesterday that the company would be donating $50,000 in childrens books to The Today Show Charitable Foundation, Inc, in the name of the 501st Legion. 7,000 full color reference books will be sent to Boys and Girls Clubs of America around the country. In 2009, the 501st Legion trooped hundreds events across the country, and it was the major efforts of members that prompted this donation. According to Judi Powers, the Director of Marketing and Publicity for DK Books: “We love working with the 501st Legion volunteers, they are a dedicated, caring group of people. Last year we partnered with them on over 60 events and this year we’re planning even more. They make people smile wherever they go—from bookstores to conventions to children’s hospitals.”
Last October, the NEG trooped at six seperate DK troops, in Hingham MA, Newington MA, Providence RI, Sandwhich MA, Portland ME and  Natick MA, with large crowds of people coming out for the launch of the Star Wars Lego Visual Dictionary.
“This donation from DK is a prime example of how many lives we can touch with our unique brand of volunteerism,” says Dean Plantamura, 501st Legion Public Relations Officer. “The men and women of the Legion donate their time and often commute great distances to bring a Star Wars presence to an event and smiles to children’s faces. In 2009 alone, we estimate that the efforts of the 501st Legion helped raise more than $300,000 to benefit charities all around the globe”
According to DK’s Associate Director of Publicity, Rachel Kempster: “We wanted to thank the 501st Legion in a big way, we know that children’s charities are near and dear to hearts of all 501st volunteers.”
Charity is indeed at the heart of the New England Garrison, who frequently troops at hospitals, parades and other major events, often raising money or accepting donations in the name of the Garrison.

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