On Saturday, May 1st, the New England Garrison trooped in four states at the same time, invited by comic book shops in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts to help promote the yearly event.

Every year, on the first Saturday in May, Comic Book stores across the nation open their doors and give away selected comics in an effort to promote reading and comic book literacy. Now in its eighth year, comic book stores release special editions, and the day is one of the busiest for the 501st Legion.

This year, the NEG trooped at The Comic Shop in Watertown MA, Hub Comics in Somerville MA, Earth Prime Comics in Burlington VT, Jetpack Comics in Rochester NH, Rubber Chicken comics in Bellingham MA and Casablanca Comics in Portland ME.

Each event reported a good turnout and quite a lot of fun. The Watertown troopers stood outside and waved at passing cars, Somerville troopers hung around the store and directed pedestrians inside, two troopers in Burlington walked up and down the pedestrian street posing for pictures, troopers in Rochester were mobbed with guests and the solo trooper in Bellingham met up with the New England Ghostbusters.

In all instances, the 501st raised money for various charities, posed for pictures and brought smiles to guests to go along with their free comic books.

Somerville MA
Watertown MA
Bellingham MA
Burlington VT

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